Ellie Soutter

Since the tragic passing of Ellie on her 18th birthday, 25th July 2018, in her memory, we, her family, have decided to continue fundraising under Ellie's name for young winter athletes that need financial assistance to achieve their potential and dreams, in much the same way as Ellie had looked for your help.

Ellie Soutter was one of the most progressive Junior Female Snowboard Athletes of Great Britain. Ellie became Vice champion of the world in the Junior Freeride World Tour in 2017. She was winner of a Bronze medal for Team GB at the 2017 European Youth Olympics and was tipped to be one of GBs strongest contenders for the 2022 winter Olympics amongst other numerous podium finishes throughout Europe and the southern hemisphere.

As a junior athlete coming from a family without substantial wealth, Ellie often had to miss out on competing and training through lack of funds. She felt and understood the constant pressure to obtain the necessary funds for her training and events. A full season of required training to maintain this level of competition was in excess of £30,000 annually. At this time, as a Junior GB athlete, there is minimal or no funding for travel or accommodation and athletes have to pay a subscription for coaching.

We have decided to form The Ellie Soutter Foundation in her memory to help and assist other young winter athletes in similar circumstances.

If you would like to check out more info about Ellie's past achievements (results, photos, etc) see the links below:

The Ellie Soutter Foundation is not yet a registered charity but the trustees are seeking registration with the Charity Commission.

Hi guys,

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An update from Tony Soutter (09/08/2018):
Ellie Soutter - A season for an athlete such as Ellie would run to in excess of €32,000
Mental health in teenagers is a growing problem in the UK and globally, because it’s not seen we tend to choose not to talk about it, and this also affects our young athletes.

When their friends are all going out as normal teenagers drinking and partying young athletes have to think twice about the consequences of a night out, they are also unable to hold down a job whether it be part time or full to fund their own life, due to training commitments.

Education also becomes an issue so they often have to take up home schooling and due to the reduction in a normal social life it can be very lonely at times for them.

When as Ellie, a young athlete starts to achieve world rankings, this just adds to the pressures of life to maintain or better those rankings, so this is another area they need coaching in.

A season for an athlete such as Ellie would run to in excess of €32,000. Ellie was constantly worried about how much of a financial burden her sport was for me, and as a teenager this should not have been the case. Unfortunately, big companies shy away from young athletes as they are not brand-able until they become adults.

We are setting up The Ellie Soutter Foundation to relieve some financial pressure for young winter athletes and also bring awareness to people around these athletes of the pressures they are under. We hope to soon be ready for applications that will be assessed by a group of trustees and award finance to help with travel, accommodation and mental health coaching were needed.

Thank you to all who liked, commented & shared Tony's recent post.

We achieved (thus far) a fantastic 1.5K likes & 1K shares. This really does help us reach our goals and we have you to thank for that.

Please keep it up.

Mental health in teenagers is a growing problem in the UK and globally, because it’s not seen we tend to choose not to...

Posted by Tony Soutter on Thursday, 9 August 2018


Mental health problems can be hidden but serious

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[DISCLAIMER] - 10/09/2018 : The Ellie Soutter Foundation is not yet a registered charity but the trustees are seeking registration with the Charity Commission.