How can we help?

In an ideal world, talented winter sports athletes shouldn’t have to worry about money.

Their potential should carry them through training camps, to competitions and on to medals, after which time big sponsors come knocking. But in reality, and we know more than most, finances are always a struggle. At our best guest, funding a winter season as a professional snowboarder or skier will be in excess of £30,000.

Once again, in an ideal world, we’d have the resources to offer both financial and psychological assistance to every single one of you. But unfortunately that’s not the case.

But we’d still love to hear from you. As The Ellie Soutter Foundation grows we hope to offer grants to talented athletes who don’t have the financial means to further their own potential. Could that be you? We’re also building a network of mental health professionals and athlete sponsorship advisors to help complete the circle.

You can apply for both funding and other assistance using the form below. We promise any information you include will be entirely confidential and we’ll always be back in touch with you quickly.


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