My first two weeks in Switzerland

So I’m living in my tent, as I thought it would be the easiest and cheapest way to stay in Switzerland. I came here to train on my own to see if I can motivate and push myself more than the coaches… and I totally can! It was so nice for me as a youth being pushed by coaches and I really needed it to be where I am today, but right now I’m progressing more than I ever have before. Im learning new, technical tricks daily and enjoying it so much. I’ve met some really cool people out here who are helping me to progress so much and I am loving snowboarding more and more every day.

In this sport its so important to be feeling happy because its all about expressing yourself in freestyle.

I ride from 9am till 12pm each day, then the slopes close so I don’t get loads of time to ride. I make the most out of every run. I am currently perfecting rodeo 7 and cork 7 whilst also going back to basics and making sure that all my fundamentals are 100% correct.

I have a lot of time in the afternoon to chill, read and skate. I enjoy hiking a lot. I push myself to get higher and quicker every time because I know that being fit helps me so much on the jumps. For me, yoga is one of the things I feel I must do every day. being strong and flexible is one thing, but also having a good mindset for the slopes is 99% of being able to push yourself to your best and yoga has helped me so much for becoming more relaxed on the slopes. 

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