committee member

Isabelle Whitehorn

My name is Isabelle Whitehorn

I am part of this foundation because I was good friends with Maisie Hill and Ellie more Maisie than Ellie. Maisie would tell me that she was staying in her dad’s van during competitions and couldn’t do much training abroad because she lacked the financial aid and Ellie would stay in a cheap hotel.

I am so proud to be part of this foundation to be able to help young athletes like Maisie to be able to afford the training elsewhere and to not stay in her dad’s van anymore.

Tony has done such an amazing thing in Ellie’s name. Putting this foundation together was such an amazing thing to do. And the time Tony puts into this foundation is amazing and I love being able to help Tony whenever I can if it’s helping at an event or doing some translation for the website.

I am just so happy that Ellie will not be forgotten and will always be here with us in the Foundation.

We really need your help

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