Qui sommes-nous ?

Madwax has been providing top rated winter sports equipment at competitive prices since 2002. We prepare, deliver and fit skis & boards in the comfort of your resort accommodation. Madwax wishes all the best to the Ellie Soutter foundation raising funding for awareness in health and wellbeing for young winter sport athletes pursing their goals.

Nous soutenons la Fondation Ellie Soutter parce que…

To support Tony and the team at The Ellie Soutter Foundation through endeavours that lead them to have belief in supporting kids that find it hard to navigate their immediate life pathways. In that support through Tony and the team, as a channeling influence, can have a positive aspirational impact oh their lives. Also that provisioning of these mechanisms may give solace to Tony in helping to relieve some of the terrible burden of Ellie’s end of life situation. Personally I hope some of the keeping abreast of other kids development allows him to maintain the feeling of  Ellies teenage years as she excelled in her snowboarding disciplines. 

Nous avons besoin de votre aide

Que ce soit sous la forme d'un don ou d'un partenariat d'entreprise. Vous pouvez nous soutenir en faisant un don à la Fondation Ellie Soutter.

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